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Our Background

Monica’s Wing Boutique began from a notion that “I can make more flavorful chicken wings than these sold at this community outdoor event”. I returned to that same location (different event) a few months later vending my grilled jumbo chicken wings sauced with various popular flavors, served with macaroni and cheese and peach cobbler bread pudding. It was a hit. Nonetheless, I wanted something different and decided to stuff the macaroni and cheese inside the chicken wings. This is it! I found a niche that is not only flavorful, but complex, garnishing great reviews and much interest from all that indulge, asking how it is stuffed without an opening or spillage.

Wingtique has garnered great community interest in the complexity of stuffing comfort foods inside flavorful chicken wings. Our wing selection provides a niche for fast food comfort foods. The finger food aspect caters to the eat on the run concept. The homestyle stuffings within our crispy baked chicken wings provide a healthy alternative to deep fried fast food options. Many chicken wing and comfort food establishments are throughout the city of Milwaukee, but scarce within the heart of Milwaukee's Lindsey Heights Community. Fusing both needs into one conceptual idea provides a new experience with cultural cuisine. Wingtique’s objective is to provide local, nutritious food for take-out in an area that is lacking homestyle food options. To offer a food experience in which locals can go out to eat on a budget and feel good about the quality of their meal

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